Get to know me

I feel, as any first date, or meeting a new friend, we should get to know each other. I’m going to give ya’ll the rundown on myself. I’m born and raised in Oregon, in a smaller city near Salem. My parents were fantastic, still married to this day but they have the strangest story on how they wound up together. I grew up with one brother who was a bit of a pill growing up, but we now have a much more friendly relationship. My girl friends are my life line, and any of them would tell you I am one of the most indecisive people when it comes to guys, and I date ALOT. I’ve honestly never had a very long term relationship, probably due to my indecisiveness. This fantastic blog will be a mix of my stories, and my friends experiences in the dating world, and a mixture of love advice and empowerment. I will also be launching a parenting section as well. That being said, i am a mother to an amazingly bright and gorgeous 2 year old girl named Lola. My parenting posts will also have a mix of co-parenting advice and struggles. I love cooking and baking so I will be sharing my very favorite recipes. I’m always open to questions, and hopefully soon, given enough traffic i will launch an advice column portion of this blog so readers can write in for any advice, be it love or parenting related. So excited to start introducing you to my life, and sharing my experiences.

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